Dollar Days

Dollar Days

Angel Tree Prison Fellowship

Our December Dollar Day will be partnering with Prison Fellowship Angel Tree to serve 13 families in Little Elm who have a parent incarcerated.  We are able to bless a total of 28 children this year.  This ministry connects families, as we will purchase and give the children Christmas gifts on behalf of their incarcerated parent.  An age-appropriate gospel booklet will be included for each child.  Each family is also able to get a free Adventure Bible!  This Dollar Day is…

Coat Drive

We have the unique opportunity to partner with the Little Elm ISD in providing winter coats for children in need. The school district has asked us specifically to help elementary-aged children.  Our October Dollar Day offering will go towards purchasing winter coats.  We also have a Coat Donation Box in the foyer for each Sunday in October to purchase and donate new winter coats to be used as a way to love on the children of Little Elm.  Since these coats…

School Supplies and The Smell Of Fresh Crayons

Do you remember the days when you were a kid and you opened up that brand new box of 8 or 16 crayons? You knew it was a special day when you flipped open the delicate tab and saw the small, shining points of never used round objects made of colored wax. With eyes wide open and pupils dilated, you would reach in the colorful box and pull one out only to be enchanted by the smell of fresh cardboard…

School Supplies

Our Dollar Day for the month of August will go towards elementary schools in LEISD. You can help by giving to Dollar Day this Sunday or by donating any of the supplies listed below. Top 10 School Supplies No. 2 Yellow Pencils Wide Ruled Notebook Paper Washable Colored Markers Dry Erase Markers – Black Crayons Kleenex Tissue Colored Pencils Composition Notebooks Glue Sticks Folders with Pockets & Brads (Red, Blue, Yellow & Green) Drop off school supplies in the lobby…

Angel Tree Prison Fellowship

As some of you might know, the first Sunday of each and every month CrossRidge Church prayerfully harnesses the power of a single dollar to make an impact on the community of Little Elm, and I am so excited to share with you what we were up to the month of December! Given that it’s the most wonderful time of the year, it only makes sense that we just had to spread some Christmas cheer! We decided to give to…

School Supply Shopping and Delivery

Dollar Days keep blessing those in and throughout our community. This month all of the dollars from Dollar Day went to purchase school supplies for children in Little Elm ISD. We were able to purchase and fill 25 backpacks with all the supplies kids need on the first day of school. By doing this, we not only get to experience the blessing of providing needed supplies to kids but we also get to be a blessing to the parents and teachers as…

School Supply Drive

As the summer comes to an end and August approaches quickly, school starts back soon for many of our students. With school comes all kinds of expenses from clothes, athletics, band, supplies and more. This month’s Dollar Day went towards buying backpacks and school supplies. Helping Out Along with using the money from Dollar Day for July, we have also been accepting donations to help fill even more backpacks. As in the past, we have partnered with Little Elm ISD and…

Supporting Our School’s Teachers and Staff

It takes a lot of time, dedication, preparation, and so much more to be a teacher. We are blessed, in our community, to have the teachers we do to help educate, support and mentor our children. Our April Dollar Day went towards blessing the teachers and staff in our school district. Expectations Exceeded Donations for our April Dollar Day exceeded all of our expectations and brought in $1,693! All of which, provided a pizza lunch for the teachers and staff…
Staff of CrossRidge, Lovepacs, and Brown Box Movers standing front of Lovepacs delivery truck

Lovepacs Delivery and Dollar Days

We received a special surprise as one of the Lovepacs delivery trucks stop by the church and let us see what a delivery looks like. They had 290 boxes ready to go to help feed over 1,000 children in our area during Spring Break.
Lovepacs blessing children in need in Little Elm - Dollar Days at CrossRidge

Lovepacs Little Elm – Dollar Day

Our Dollar Day, for the month of March, will support Lovepacs of Little Elm. This organization has a direct impact on our community by helping to take care of children in need. Lovepacs exists to be an expression of God’s love by engaging our communities to feed children in need.Lovepacs Mission The Who Lovepacs, a faith-based ministry, provides meals to children in Little Elm at risk of going hungry during school holidays.  The organization relies on LEISD to determine children…
2018 CrossRidge February Dollar Day for the Little Elm Fire Deparment

Stocking LEFD Pantries

We contacted LEFD in January and asked them if we could use our Dollar Day dollars from February to bless them by buying groceries and helping to stock their pantries and they responded with a resounding “YES!”
Little Elm Area Food Bank Thank You for Dollar Days

Little Elm Area Food Bank Thank You

January Dollar Day, $939 went to Little Elm Area Food Bank which helped to restock their shelves after the busy holidays. We have been partners with the food bank for many years with some of our own members faithfully giving and serving in it.