School Supply Shopping and Delivery

School Supply Shopping and Delivery

Dollar Days keep blessing those in and throughout our community. This month all of the dollars from Dollar Day went to purchase school supplies for children in Little Elm ISD. We were able to purchase and fill 25 backpacks with all the supplies kids need on the first day of school. By doing this, we not only get to experience the blessing of providing needed supplies to kids but we also get to be a blessing to the parents and teachers as well.


During this month, we not only got to give to Dollar Days, but we also got to go as well. A team of volunteers set out to Walmart to buy the supplies and in so doing, blessed others along the way.

We had five full baskets toting around the aisles of Walmart with everyone staring and a hand full making comments or jokes about a “huge sale” or “you have that many kids?” …  with each one of them, I am able to share first where we are from, what Dollar Days is, and who all of it goes to.  Even some people who started off in a bad mood asking what all that is for turns into an act of gratitude for our church and how the church serves their town…  After saying all of that so many times to strangers, a woman with two kids came up to talk to me about it.  She had tears in her eyes, asked which church it was and said she works for the district and wanted to make sure we as the church knew and understand what a blessing it truly is.  With tears forming she talked about the kids who walked in with nothing on the first day with their faces sad and embarrassed. By what our church does each year for them,  it is putting a huge dent into keeping that from happening.Jen Teel

Once all the supplies were bought, the team headed back and met with others and began sorting all of the supplies. They separated everything into piles with each pile being stuffed into a backpack. By the end, they had 25 backpacks stuffed and ready for delivery. Not only did we have 25 backpacks but we also had many items donated such as paper towels, tissues, pens and more.

On Tuesday, we delivered all of the backpacks to the Middle School where they would be distributed at the Back to School Bash. The school staff was very appreciative for everything that had been done.

Purchase List

  • 25 – Backpacks
  • 150 – Wide Rule Composition Notebooks
  • 25 – Wide Ruled Filler Paper (100 count)
  • 50 – Spiral Notebooks
  • 25 – 12×18 Manilla Paper (50 count)
  • 50 – 12×18 Construction Paper (50 count)
  • 100 – Plastic Pocket Folder w/Brads
  • 25 – 7″ Colored Pencils
  • 50 – Crayola Crayons (24 count)
  • 1200 – No 2 Yellow Pencils
  • 300 – Glue Sticks
  • 25 – Bottles of School Glue
  • 25 – Blunt Scissors
  • 50 – Pink Bevel Erasers
  • 50 – Boxes Facial Tissues
  • 125 – Rolls Paper Towels
  • 11 – Dry Eraser Markers
  • 1 – Dry Erase


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