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December 2021

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Dec 9, 2021

Man Up Mornings

As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another Proverbs 27:11 There’s something powerful about men getting together and studying God’s Word. Far too often, we start our days without meeting with God first, without praying to Him and without seeking His wisdom for the things to come. Join up with other men on Thursday mornings at 6:00 am at the Ridge and start your day off encouraged by one another, blessed in prayer, in God’s Word and ready to…
Dec 10, 2021

Student Christmas Party

STUDENTS! This one is for you. Whether this is your first time in youth, or your senior year in high school, you’ve never seen a Christmas party like this. There will be food, there will be games, there will be contests, and you don’t want to miss it. things you should know Who: Students 7th-12th grade. If that’s not you, we’re sorry, we understand the desire to be as cool as us. What: Christmas Party! We’ll have free food, we’ll…
Dec 12, 2021

International Missions Offering

One of the amazing things about CrossRidge Church is the number of people and families who have heard the calling of God to give their lives to the mission field. We have had people from our church go to the mission field in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, South Sudan, India, China, South Korea, Panama and more. Be A Part Often we are asked how somebody can be a part of missions. One of the ways you can be a part is by…
Dec 12, 2021

Sunday Worship Services

We strive to make sure each person is greeted from the moment they step on our campus. Our Parking Team will help guide you to an open spot. Door greeters are there to make sure you can easily get in. Once inside you’ll be able to head over to our Communications Desk and ask any questions you may have.
Dec 12, 2021

CrossRidge en Español

Bienvenido a CrossRidge Church en español Nos alegra mucho que quiera conocer más de CrossRidge Church en español donde amamos a Dios y amamos a las personas. Deseamos con todo el corazón que Dios nos dé la oportunidad de conocerle y servirle. Nos entusiasma mucho lo que Dios está haciendo en nuestra iglesia, por eso nos gustaría mucho que nos acompañe para adorar a Dios, aprender de Su Palabra y anunciar la buenas nuevas de Jesucristo. Nuevamente muchas gracias por…
Dec 12, 2021
Connect Class at CrossRidge Church

Connect Class

Years ago, if someone wanted to join a church, a person would simply walk down after the service and say “I want to join” and that was it. The church secretary or someone would get your name, ask a couple of questions and then you were added to the roll. Although this was fine, it left a lot of questions usually unanswered. Questions such as what does the church believe, how does it operate, who’s on staff, etcetera. Our Connect…
Dec 12, 2021

Life Team Childcare

We are so pleased to be able to offer free childcare for our Life Teams. We are excited to spend this time together, growing to love Jesus more! We will be taking safety precautions for each classroom. We ask that parents take their children’s temperatures before leaving the house. Childcare workers will be asked to do the same. Any person with a fever of 100.0 or above will make all persons in their family ineligible to stay for childcare. Face masks are…
Dec 24, 2021

Christmas Eve Services

It’s December, and you know what that means! Yes, hot chocolate with your kids, cheesy hallmark movies, seeing your third cousin Tim who makes every dinner awkward, and much MUCH more. Through all the busyness that Christmastime brings, take a moment to remember the reason for the season at one of our two Christmas Eve services! things you should know Two services, 5:30 and 7:00 PM. If you’ve got to get those kids to bed early or want to sleep…
Dec 26, 2021

December 26th Service

WHEW! It’s the day after Christmas, you made it! Whether you spent the day relaxing at home or traversing the country, we’re proud of you. Whatever your post-Christmas plans are, we hope you’ll let us be a part of them! People travel for Christmas, we get it! Your mother-in-law has been calling for weeks, go visit sometime! We understand the craziness of this season so much that we’re dropping it down to one service, and one service only, on December…