Devotions & Reading Plans

Devotions & Reading Plans

The Bible is still the ultimate spiritual daily bread of our spiritual lives. There is no substitute for God’s holy book. It is the ultimate source of all daily devotions

Daily devotional materials are used primarily in enhancing our devotions to God. It always comes with the Bible beside it which is the source of God’s word. Devotional materials are powerful tools for edification, encouragement, spiritual nurturing, and information.

Here are some tips of using daily devotional materials effectively:

  • Pray. This is the first thing that we should do before doing anything. Pray that God will reveal to you His words of guidance for the day.
  • Read the Bible passage used in the devotional material of the day.
  • Read it using the Bible, and read 5 preceding verses and 5 verses after the passage to have a clearer picture of the context.
  • Pause for a while and meditate. Look for the things that you can learn from the passage.
  • List the things that you have learned in your own devotion.
  • Read the devotional material and compare it to what you have learned. This will help you increase your knowledge about that passage.




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Reading Plans

Have you ever thought about reading through the entire Bible? Maybe you started reading it from the beginning, but your enthusiasm petered out after a few weeks. Or maybe one look at the intimidating size of the family Bible was enough to scare you away.

Fortunately, there are some good tools to help you conquer “Leviticus burnout.”
If you start your Bible-reading project with a plan, you’re much more likely to stick with it. We’ve rounded up some solid reading plans to help you get through the entire Bible in the way that works best for you.