NOLA Mission

NOLA Mission

Over Spring Break, our students embarked on a mission trip to New Orleans, Louisiana. Starting at 5:30 in the morning on Sunday, March 10, 14 of our students and 5 student sponsors dedicated their free week to serving the people of NOLA. The ride down went smoothly, with an obligatory stop at Buc-ee’s (how could we not?) and some oh-so-fun carpool karaoke! Upon arriving on Sunday night, students checked in with MissionLab and then made their way to the student center for worship. After a long day’s drive, students settled in for a good night’s rest.

On Monday morning, our kids got to work! Split up into two groups, they made their way to the mission sites. One group headed off to a local mission-based thrift shop, where they sorted through items and talked with some of the ministry-involved workers. The other group helped a church that was building a new building. The church had outgrown its existing space and needed to expand. However, they were relying on almost all volunteers to get the building ready. Our group helped put in a firewall which just happened to be in the attic (attic + New Orleans = sweat…lots of sweat).

After lunch, the 2 groups met up and helped clean the floors and the baptistry at the church being built. Come nightfall, students hit the town! In the French Quarter, our group went to a downtown restaurant and got to experience some NOLA culture.

On Tuesday, we returned to the thrift store, this time moving over 100 boxes of hangers to clean boxes. The other group continued building the firewall. That afternoon they met up again and put together homeless packs to distribute and got the opportunity to pray for homeless people around NOLA.

On Wednesday, they finished up as much of the firewall as they could, and the other group went to help out at a local food bank, where they were able to minister to the folks around them. In the afternoon, students went to the French Quarter again, this time to distribute homeless packs. Students and sponsors alike were able to enjoy some crawfish, some Cane’s, and a night of worship.

Thursday morning, all of our students headed out to help build a ramp at a church whose main building had been destroyed in Katrina. It was truly amazing to have all of our students together to serve the Lord. Students were there all day, and afterwards, headed to a trampoline park for some fun!

Experiencing some local cuisine

Students packed up and left on Friday morning, and made it home safe after a long drive home. Thank you for your prayers for our group this week. God is good! #MissionNOLA2019


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