2018 Fallback Student Retreat

2018 Fallback Student Retreat

Our students went to the Arbuckle Mountains of Oklahoma this past weekend for their annual Fallback Student Retreat. It may have rained the majority of the time but they had an amazing time of hanging out with each other, getting away from the every-day and learning a lot about Jesus. From campfires to fishing, to smores and belly laughing, our students had an amazing weekend they will remember for a long time.

They split up into 2 cabins with girls in one and the boys in the other. With our Student Pastor, Simon Collard, leading the boys and Marianne Howard leading the girls, each group had agendas, activities, and lessons specifically created for them which kept them busy from Friday night to Sunday morning.

The girls rotated between sessions about prayer, resting in Jesus, and studying God’s word. They also created crafts they can use to remind them they are to show the fruits of the spirit in our daily walks. Among all of this, they also had plenty of fun, laughing and stories to tell.

The guys studied the story of the paralytic man and his 4 friends throughout Saturday. In between 2 of the sessions, they were then charged to go out into the woods and find materials needed to create their own cot and use it to carry one of their friends. They also got plenty of time to hang out with friends, laughing and eating good food.

On top of everything else, both groups took time out of their schedules to visit the Fried Pie store. As always, the fried pies did not disappoint.

We have an amazing group of adult sponsors who went and who graciously gave up their weekend to spend with our teenagers. There is no way we would have been able to do it without them. We can’t thank them!

God is at work in the lives of our students and we can’t wait to see what He does through them.


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