Service Update

Service Update

We hope and pray all of you are safe and sound. It has been a trying week for many people, not only in our area, but in our state and many parts of our nation.

Like many of you, the church building experienced rolling blackouts and freezing temperatures. Because of the lack of power and heat, the church building and office suffered broken water pipes and flooding.

The water has been extracted but damage still remains. We are in the process of getting the broken pipes fixed so we can get water working again. The church was fortunate to not have as much damage as others but it will take time to get fixed.

Because of damage to the church, we will have online only services this Sunday. Our English Service will broadcast at 9:00 am. Our Spanish Service will broadcast at 11:00 am.

Let’s keep our eyes on God as He continues to direct our steps. Continue to check on your family, friends and neighbors like you have been doing. Although this week has been rough, it has been a blessing to see the light of Jesus show through you. Your generosity to open your homes to neighbors and friends, provide rides to others, take groceries and feed those that needed food and help those with damage to their homes has been a huge blessing. Your hope, love and faith in God are evident.

If you missed last week’s service, visit Faith, Freedom and Family series to catch up.

We are expecting to have in-person services on Sunday, February 28. Until then, we’ll see you online this Sunday.

God Bless


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