Rockport in February

Rockport in February

Group getting dinner
Collin, Keefer, Khris, Dalton

On February 25, our latest mission team returned from helping people in the Rockport area. Keefer Fields, Khris Roberts, Collin McDonald and Dalton McDonald left on February 22 and traveled to Coastal Oaks Baptist Church where they helped people continue to rebuild their homes in the continued aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. On this trip, our mission team worked on 2 different jobs: repairing and replacing fences and repairing deck railings.

The Storm

  • Damage to building after hurricane
    Coastal Oaks Baptist Church Education/Gymnasium Building

Back in August, Hurricane Harvey, made landfall in Rockport and devastated the area. When the storm first came through the hurricane-force winds tore buildings and houses apart leaving little untouched in its wake. Rain from the storm followed suit and flooded everything. After the storm had passed and went north it did something unusual. It backed up and went back into the gulf. When it did this, a 6-foot storm surge flooded all of the houses on the bay side even causing some houses to completely move off their foundations and some to be leveled.

Since the storm, Coastal Oaks has been running at full speed trying to help out as many in the community as possible. CrossRidge Church, along with other churches and organizations partner with Coastal Oaks and send teams to help with the work.

The Jobs

helping neighbors

  • Meeting with the homeowner

Our team’s first job helped a couple of neighbors repair and replace multiple fences around their property including a shared fence. The materials were already purchased but the owners needed help in putting them up. One of the neighbors had put in a work request with Coastal Oaks and our team got the privilege of helping out.

helping keep the owner safe

  • Part of the roof has been missing since the storm

The other job involved a single lady who had her house literally torn apart since the storm in August. Her house sits on the bay side and was not only hit by hurricane-force winds and rain but also the storm surge. She is one of the ones that doesn’t have flood insurance and so all of the repairs on her house are on her to pay for. Blue tarps have adorned the roof, which has parts missing, since August. There have been crews helping at her house but significant work remains.

Our CrossRidge crew helped put her porch railing back together. Up until this point, there has been a large section of railing missing which could cause a serious problem for someone if they lost their balance or tripped.

We continue to help

Keefer said there is still a lot of work that needs to be done in the area and as Pastor Kevin Muilenburg of Coastal Oaks Baptist Church said, the rebuilding of Rockport will take years. Coastal Oaks continues to help people in Rockport and continues to take need requests from the community. CrossRidge continues to help by working with Coastal Oaks Baptist Church and sending teams to assists those affected by Hurricane Harvey.



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