Lovepacs Little Elm – Dollar Day

Lovepacs Little Elm – Dollar Day

Our Dollar Day, for the month of March, will support Lovepacs of Little Elm. This organization has a direct impact on our community by helping to take care of children in need.

Lovepacs exists to be an expression of God’s love by engaging our communities to feed children in need.Lovepacs Mission

The Who

Lovepacs, a faith-based ministry, provides meals to children in Little Elm at risk of going hungry during school holidays.  The organization relies on LEISD to determine children at risk which includes children on free and reduced meal plans.

Lovepacs in Little Elm blessing children in need

During the current school year, 2017-2018, Lovepacs provided 50,000 meals to children in need in the Little Elm community. Over 2,265 children across LEISD school district received free meals!

The Need

For planning and preparation purposes, Lovepacs calls the school counselors before each holiday to get a current number.  Then, they create the Lovepacs and deliver them to the school where they are passed out to the children.

So far, they have requests for 230 Spring Break Lovepacs. Each one is designed to provide 2 meals and a snack to 3 children for 9 days. They currently need 130 boxes which cost about $40 each.

What We Can Do


Dollar Day, for the month of March, will go towards helping Lovepacs meet the need to provide free meals for children. If everybody simply brings an extra dollar Sunday morning, on March 4, we can help meet this need and more.


Lovepacs relies on volunteers to donate their time. During various drives throughout the year, they need people who are willing to sort, count, shelve, and pack inventory. If you are interested in partnering with them to serve this community, please let them know!

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