Give Thanks In Everything

Give Thanks In Everything

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good. His faithful love endures forever.”

Psalm 136:1

2020 has shown to be a year of uncertainty. A year like no other. A year that keeps changing day by day, but we still have a lot to be thankful for. The Thanksgiving holiday is just days away, but what if we made being thankful and showing gratitude a way of life and not just one day we celebrate each November? 1 Thessalonians 5:18 tells us, “Give thanks in everything; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” Did you catch that? It says to give thanks in everything! It doesn’t say to just give thanks when things are going our way or when we get the day off from work. It doesn’t say to only give thanks when our kids are behaving, and all the bills are paid. It doesn’t even say to only give thanks when everyone is in good health and well rested. It says to give thanks in everything, and it tells us that it’s God’s will. Who are we to argue with that?

We find more reasons to give thanks in the Psalms. Psalm 136:1 says, “Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good. His faithful love endures forever.” God is good! Even when life is crazy and chaotic and we don’t feel good, God is always good. His love lasts forever! I think that is something to shout about. Even when we don’t feel very lovable, He still loves us. In fact, He loves us so much that He sent His one and only Son to die for us. That blows my mind, but it is definitely something to be thankful for.

I want to encourage you and even challenge you to take on an attitude of gratitude, not just for this upcoming holiday, but as a way of life. We can show our thanks through our words and our deeds. Keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities to show thankfulness to others. Make time each day to give thanks to God for all He does. Prepare your heart to be thankful during the hard days. Finally, as the faith builder in your home, use all of this to teach your children an attitude of gratitude as well. It’s contagious. I am thankful for you and your family!


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