In All Things Give Thanks

In All Things Give Thanks

My friends, this past week has been such a huge challenge for many and, being truthful, it isn’t over yet. Some have been mildly inconvenienced, while others have been devastated. During times of hardship, it can be so easy to slip back into the habit of complaining and forgetting to give thanks. God’s perfect word for every situation, including SNOVID-19, is found in 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 which says, “Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” My first response can be to think negatively when things do not go my way. But I quickly remind myself that I am to be found rejoicing, praying, and giving thanks in everything. Therefore, I must reign in those negative thoughts and replace them with truth.

Maybe you can identify with some of my thoughts during these challenging days. My thankful thoughts include the following: My salvation is secure, no matter the weather. My relationship with Jesus grows stronger when I must cry out to Him for help and strength. I love my grandchildren and long to spend more time with them, so when my power goes out and stays out for good during this blizzard-like week, I am giving thanks for the fact that they live close enough to stay with them. I give thanks for the warmth we get when the power comes on for periods of time while here. I give thanks that they still have water. I give thanks for a warm bed and shelter during these days. I give thanks for dry hands from handwashing dishes for seven plus people for days. I give thanks for a gas stove that allows us to cook food. I give thanks for flashlights. I give thanks for making room for others during the cold nights. Ten people and a dog make for lots of laughter and company. I give thanks for impromptu sleepover parties with extended family over for showers. I give thanks for the chance to offer showers to others during this time. I give thanks for a gas fireplace. I give thanks for watercolor paints with children. I give thanks for a two-year-old that asks me to braid her hair. I give thanks for the extra time with my grandchildren to tell stories of their birth and how deep Your love for them is. I give thanks for men who get out in this weather to check on homes, churches, and office buildings. I give thanks for people who come in the middle of the night to suck up water from broken pipes. I give thanks for a man who can reroute frozen sewer drains for the time being. I give thanks that flooded rooms mean I have to clean things up and throw some stuff away.

I also give thanks for more meaningful things. I give thanks for a daughter that has learned to share all that she has. I give thanks for a daughter who offers hospitality to others without reserve. I give thanks for a daughter that lives out her faith by loving God and loving people, in word and deed. I give thanks for family. I am indeed thankful.

So, King Jesus, being real, I am sad for broken pipes, broken sewer drains, ruined wood floors, offices that are flooded and churches that need some repairs. But Jesus, You still reign! You are majestic and still on Your throne. This gives me great joy. I will continue to pray each day. And especially during this time Lord, I give thanks. In good times and in hard times, thank You Lord. You are good.

Will you join me today in having your spiritual eyes open to see the good in each situation God trusts you with. Oh, and if you need something I can help you with, please text me. I love you each.

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