BOLT Virtual VBS coming this Monday: June 29, 30, July 1, Special Video-July 2!

In these days of adversity and isolation, we need Jesus more now than we ever did! We are so happy to let our families know that we are bringing VBS to you. Just when you were trying to think of fresh ways to keep your children engaged and not fighting, it’s time for BOLT Virtual VBS. One of the great things about this at-home VBS is that you can fit it into your schedule whenever it is best for your family and kids. Sent early each morning, these daily lessons help kids to focus on and turn to Jesus. All of the hard work has been done for you. We will send you some information with a list of supplies to gather from around the house. Then you get the kids together and push play! It’s that simple and that great. You pause the video as needed, like to play a game or read some scripture. We totally believe in you. You can do this. Have fun with it.

We will still be having some traditional aspects of this VBS too. We will have a drive-by each day of VBS, Monday-Wednesday from 4-7 pm in the church parking lot. Monday: Jelly, Tuesday: Peanut Butter, Wednesday: Cereal. You can drop off your daily items for the Food Bank, give your coins to the boys’ vs girls’ coin contest and show us your origami craft for a treat! Since it is virtual VBS, you can also give to the Little Elm Food Bank by going to crclife.org/give and pick the girls or boys tap on the Food Bank line item. The good thing about online giving is that it all counts for the good. In-person, coins count positively and dollars count negatively! The losers of the coin contest will be facing some pies in the face consequences on a Thursday video sent out to you! Will it be Pastor Marc or Ms. Sheila and Ms. Kellie?

We hope that you will take lots of photos and post them on your social media using #crcbolt so we can see all the fun you are having too. Also be looking for daily videos featuring Ms. Kellie and Ms. Sheila (with some awesome jokes). Please don’t wait until the last minute; register now. Let’s BOLT towards faith in Jesus like never before!

For Sunday

In striving for a touch-free church experience, please plan to print these activities ahead of time, if you plan for your child to complete them during Sunday services. Remember pens and crayons too please.

Follow this link for a complete step by step time of Bible study with your children:

Enjoy this Children’s Bulletin for this Sunday:

John 3:16 Word Search:

Children’s Worship Song: Power Shuffle


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