Minister of Assimilation and Facilities of CrossRidge Church John Wolfe
John Wolfe

John Wolfe

Minister of Assimilation and Facilities of CrossRidge Church John WolfeJohn Wolfe was born in Pensacola, FL. He and his family moved to Dallas when he was three years old. They moved to Little Elm in 1967. Yes, John is a dinosaur! John has been attending this church family, then called First Baptist Church of Little Elm since 1968. He was saved and baptized here in 1970. John started his relationship with his high school sweetheart in the church youth group, while at summer youth camp. John and Sheila were later married here in 1980. God blessed them with four wonderful kids, two son in laws, and five amazing grandchildren (with another one on the way!) John graduated from Little Elm High School. He also graduated from Texas State Technical Institute as a certified welder.

John was self-employed for many years. He became a deacon of this church in October 1994. He has had a heart for the Lord and this church for many years. John doesn’t meet a stranger. He desires for everyone to know his Jesus! God called John into ministry and he came on staff of CrossRidge Church in February of 2008. He oversees the ministry teams of our church, the life teams and the facilities that God has blessed us with.

More Information:

  • Married to Sheila Kay Wolfe, Director of Children’s Ministry, CrossRidge Church
  • Children: Grace, Emily, Mary and John Jr.
  • Favorite Restaurant: Any first-class steakhouse. Nothing better than an inch and a half bone-in ribeye cooked medium rare to medium!
  • Favorite sport and team: Dallas Cowboys Football and second, Rangers Baseball
  • Favorite verse: 2 Cor. 12:9
  • Something you don’t know about John: John is a certified welder. He can weld a gum wrapper to a railroad tie.
  • In his spare time, John likes to go to car shows, hunt, fish, and smoke meat in Big John’s Smoking Hut. He loves to hang out with his wife and kids.
  • Dream Hunts: Alberta Canada, Whitetail Buck with my wife, Bull Elk anywhere, anytime with my wife.
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