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Events Calendar


Aug 19, 2018

Sunday Worship Services

We strive to make sure each person is greeted from the moment they step on our campus. Our Parking Team will help guide you to an open spot. Door greeters are there to make sure you can easily get in. Once inside you’ll be able to head over to our Communications Desk and ask any questions you may have.
Aug 26, 2018

Fantasy Football

Ah, the good ol’ smell of a musty locker room coupled with sweat drenched clothes sitting for weeks in a basket. Yep, it’s time again. Time to break out your favorite jersey from days of old and the great styrofoam finger from your childhood and get ready for another year of fantasy football at CrossRidge Church. Gather your cheat sheets, meet with team coaches, interview players, give press conferences, visit training camps, consult your therapist and prepare to draft the greatest…